one step at a time

one at a time...

This is considerably cropped from the original image. By cropping out stuff from the bottom and left hand side of the image, I was able to convert the image into a complete expanse of reflective blue glass, with just a small colorful element of human activity in the upper right hand corner. Much nicer creatively than the original out of the camera.

One of the main benefits I’ve found with the new camera has been that 21 megapixels gives you a lot of real estate to play with when you decide to crop the original photo for creative reasons. I can crop out 75% of the original photo and still have about the same number of pixels in the final image as I had with my last 6 megapixel dSLR. Very cool, and for me probably the most important answer to the question of “why do you need so many pixels?”.


~ by Dave on 06/07/09.

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