circumhorizontal arc

I learn something new everyday.

circumhorizontal arc

A few days ago I was working in the backyard, dragging some landscaping stones from one pile to another. When I took a break and looked up, I saw this most amazing cloud formation off to the south. I’d never seen this type of rainbow formation in a cloud before. I pointed it out to Tammie, who was sitting on the patio with her back turned to it, hoping it wasn’t a heat and sweat induced hallucination. Luckily she saw it too. I ran into the house to get the camera, hoping it wouldn’t disappear before I got back out.

Thanks to a friend on Flickr, who seems to know how and where to find any obscure information on the internet, I now know this is a rare cloud phenomenon known as a circumhorizontal arc. I feel fortunate that I managed to capture this rare, fleeting sight.


~ by Dave on 05/16/09.

One Response to “circumhorizontal arc”

  1. Sweat and heat induced hallucinations have never helped my art either. Interesting info on the cloud formation. Now I’ve learned something as well.

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