I can’t even spell the reaction careening through my body right now

Picked up on this from Thomas Hawk’s site. McDonald’s has scored a sponsored group on Flickr, “Show us what you’re made of”.

While I can’t fault Flickr for looking at new revenue sources, this just seems like a really really bad idea. Is it really worth it to start pushing corporate advertising that has nothing to do with photography into the social environment that Flickr has evolved into?

Why in the world don’t I have a photo somewhere of a clogged artery? Maybe a screenshot of one of the carbon blobs from Wall-E? Oh to be a young culture jammer…

holy sh*t!

The photo above is from summer of 2007. In hindsight, setting up a tripod in front of our grill to take photos of tequila flamed ribs was probably one of the early signs that I was beginning to take photography seriously as a hobby.


~ by Dave on 03/25/09.

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