Macro Monday

hidden frost

I spent a fair bit of Saturday’s Indy Flickr walk at Eagle Creek crawling around on my stomach, looking for interesting things to take macros of. I got a very nice Canon EF 50mm f/2.5 Compact Macro lens in trade last year around this time, and really haven’t used it all that much. Saturday I corrected that oversight.

Unfortunately the tripod that I’ve had for the last several years wasn’t up to the task of getting down low to the ground shooting macros. Of course I’ve known for the last year or so that I needed to get a better tripod. There have been several motivating factors, including a reluctance to trust a couple of thousand dollars worth of camera gear to a $70 tripod, but also the recognition that the tripod that I’ve been using has limitations, such as the aforementioned inability to get close to the ground, and a desire to get a tripod that can handle a panoramic head.

After the experience of trying to get good macro shots low to the ground, without the benefit of a tripod, I decided to head down to the local camera shop Saturday afternoon to remedy the situation. I came out with a Manfrotto 055XPROB tripod with a 468MGRC4 Hydrostatic Ball Head. Going into the store I had planned on getting the carbon fiber equivalent tripod, but after giving them a heft side by side I decided that the weight savings wasn’t going to be enough to justify the price differential.

The photo above was taken hand-held without a tripod last Saturday. What I particularly like about this image are the strong horizontal lines from the log, balanced by the delicate vertical lines from the frost.

In the future I’ll be taking these shots whenever possible with a tripod.

One other unexpected benefit of going into the camera shop last Saturday afternoon… I got to play for 5 minutes or so with Canon’s new 5D Mk II. They’re supposed to start shipping after Thanksgiving. I’m on their waiting list. edit


~ by Dave on 11/24/08.

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