The importance of having a view

I moved to Indianapolis almost 10 years ago, and one thing that has always frustrated me about it is that it’s downtown area doesn’t have an immediately recognizable skyline. I’ve thought about this quite a bit over the last few months, as I wander around looking for good vantage points for photographing the downtown skyline.

building the brave new world

Indianapolis has a couple of things that make photographing its skyline a challenge. The first is that… guess what, the Midwest is flat. When you don’t have a good vantage point, and you’re shooting from ground level with buildings intervening between you and what you want to see, then it’s difficult finding good views of the downtown.

It’s even more difficult when the few good vantage points that there are, fall victim to development. That’s the case with the vantage point that I took this next photo from a few months ago. What was a nice open field on the northwest edge of downtown, is now being developed into condominiums. It was clearly too good to last, although I wish it had been developed into park area instead. As it is, I’m glad I took the chance to photograph the downtown area from that vantage point when I had the chance.

downtown Indianapolis

Some cities are famous for their views. With a little digging you can find websites that list vantage points for photographing their downtown skylines. That’s how I found the vantage point where I took this last photo of downtown Seattle recently.

Seattle after dark

Sometimes you just need to know where to stand.


~ by Dave on 04/14/08.

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