don’t shoot into the sun…

I love shooting under low light conditions. The main lens purchase that I’ve made recently was an EF 28mm f/1.8 prime lens, primarily for shooting under low ambient light conditions. But this lens is currently the lens that I use for more than 90% of my shooting.

don't shoot into the sun

Although a lot of people would consider shooting with a 28mm prime lens to be pretty limiting, I’m using it as an exercise in learning how to let go and just get the shot. Before getting this lens, I used to spend time zooming the lens back and forth, trying to compose the image in the camera frame before hitting the shutter. I don’t know how many spur of the moment shots I probably missed by fiddling with the zoom, instead of just taking the damn picture.

This is a roundabout way of saying that although I originally bought this lens for it’s low light performance, when it sits on your camera and rarely gets switched off, I inevitably use it under any and all conditions. And even though I love shooting under low ambient light conditions, I also tend to love the dramatic images possible from breaking the rules and occasionally pointing the camera towards the sun. Since I’m very attached to the idea of keeping my retinas intact and functioning, my strategy usually involves pointing the camera in the general direction that I want, glancing through the viewfinder with my eye a couple of inches away, and then looking away while I fire off a couple of frames.

Rules are made to be broken, and sometimes I get lucky.


~ by Dave on 04/05/08.

One Response to “don’t shoot into the sun…”

  1. […] how I think occasionally breaking the rules creates a more powerful image. In this case (like the one I wrote about earlier) I was shooting into the sun. This time though I was using an infrared […]

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