full moon rising

moon over the neighborhood
I was never a boy scout, but their motto “Be prepared” is good advice when you want to get good spur of the moment photos. This shot is a good example, from the time I first realized the moon was coming up behind the clouds to when I got this photo was only about 5 minutes. 2 minutes to run inside, grab my camera, tripod and cable release and confirm the camera has a memory card in it, another minute to herd the dogs into the other side of the yard so the big goobers wouldn’t trash the tripod, another minute plus to get set up and run a test shot, then this one.

Even with this mad scramble, this wasn’t the shot that I wanted. The shot I wanted would have been 2 minutes earlier than this one, when the moon was still behind the clouds, giving them an even more dramatic backlight. It’s still not too shabby though, and a good reminder to me to keep myself prepared.


~ by Dave on 09/30/07.

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