Donner, party of seven…

We went out to dinner tonight at a local barbecue joint. We’ve been to their sister restaurant on the east side of town a number of times, and the food is good. We’ve been looking forward to going to their new one closer to where we live since it opened a few months ago. Like any barbecue joint worth the name, it’s not fancy, nor is it meant to be. There’s a bucket on the table for spent bones, and a roll of paper towels to sponge yourself off with. Unfortunately, dinner tonight inspired the…

Top ten signs you’re in for a bad restaurant experience.

  1. It’s a Saturday night, the restaurant is relatively new, on a well traveled street, and the restaurant is 90% empty.
  2. The waitresses outnumber the customers, but it still takes 5 minutes after sitting down for a waitress to come up to our table with menus.
  3. After bringing our sodas, it takes two requests over 10 minutes to get straws.
  4. The first food brought out from the kitchen is cold.
  5. Our waitress stands in the doorway to the kitchen, hanging her arms over the swinging doors, gazing vacantly into the dining room, unaware that the doorway does not have one-way glass, and that we can in fact see her. I’m reminded of watching animals in the zoo.
  6. I begin joking about the Donner Party, and Chilean soccer teams crash landing in the Andes.
  7. A family comes in with a child who probably has a developmental disability, and we wish that he was our waiter.
  8. Towards the end of our meal, our waitress is so bored she sits down in one of the empty booths and idly picks at the mosquito bites on her legs, at one point pulling her pants leg up to go after more of them. At least I hope they were mosquito bites.
  9. Another family comes in, gets ready to sit down, then notices our waitress picking at her insect bites in the booth next to them. They quickly veer off to the far side of the restaurant.
  10. I leave less than a 10% tip and feel guilty for being too generous. I normally leave 20%. I should have left 5%. I virtually never stiff the wait staff completely, unless the service is egregiously bad, but I was tempted tonight.

Home cooked ribs…
slab of spare ribs


~ by Dave on 08/11/07.

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