Orcas Passage Whaling Wall

Orcas Passage

Orcas Passage, Wyland Whaling Wall # 74 on the north side of the Indianapolis Public Schools Building parking garage in Indianapolis, 153 Feet Long x 35 Feet High, dedicated on Sept. 29th, 1997.

Robert Wyland is a well known mural artist who specializes in painting life sized whale – inspired murals on the sides of buildings, all over the world. According to the Wyland Foundation website, Wyland is currently up to his 95th mural. He is planning on painting his 100th Whaling Wall in Beijing, China during the 2008 Olympics.

I remember seeing some of his Whaling Walls when I was younger, but never realized there was one in Indianapolis until I visited a store specializing in his work in Key West. A few months ago Tammie and I spent about 30 minutes driving around looking for it, without luck, based on the address given on the Wyland Foundation site – 120 W. Walnut St. I stumbled across it earlier today looking for something interesting to shoot. The parking garage it’s on is located on E. Walnut St. (OK, well, duh), although the mural faces St. Clair St., on the north side. Delaware St. is on the left side of the photo.

The mural probably gets little attention from nearby traffic, since Delaware is a one way street north-bound. You’d need to look in your rear-view mirror to see it as you drive by. I wonder how many people appreciate that it’s there. Tammie’s lived in Indianapolis her whole life, in some ways knows the city like the back of her hand, and never realized it was here.

More photos of Orcas Passage can be found here.


~ by Dave on 07/29/07.

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