US fudging of climate science

This is something that I just completely fail to understand. It reeks of the politically inspired Lysenkoism from the Stalinist era. That misguided attempt to force science into serving political purposes set genetics and biology back in the Soviet Union for decades.

The Bush administration has again been charged with interfering with federal climate science, in order to underplay the significance of global warming.

US fudging of climate science – details revealed – earth – 20 March 2007 – New Scientist Environment

The people who are still digging in their heels over the potential damage from global warming try to scare people into a “deer in the headlights” paralysis by claiming that taking action to minimize the effects of global warming would be harmful to the economy, and would put us at a competitive disadvantage against foreign competitors.

What complete and utter bullshit.

If all our competitors in Europe and the rest of the developed world are moving on addressing global warming, how can we seriously suggest that we are incapable of keeping up?

What will be more damaging to the economy? Addressing global warming by changing some of our habits proactively, and accepting the short term pain that comes with that, while we are in control of what we can do? Or addressing global warming when our entire agricultural breadbasket collapses from drought and other disruptions in the climate, dealing with the health issues from the spread of disease associated with major disruptions in populations, continuing to get dragged into regional wars as millions of people begin starving and fighting over limited resources, watching helplessly from the sidelines as entire ecosystems collapse from the extinction of keystone species which don’t have the adaptability to simply pack up in the Winnebago and move on to greener pastures?

Nobody should be surprised that an administration whose idea of hunting consists of managed hunts in which a single hunting party is able to slaughter hundreds of birds released right in front of them should consider that addressing the potentially disastrous effects of global warming is just another political issue to be played for short-term gain.


~ by Dave on 03/21/07.

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