the future is here, and I don’t want to answer the door

I’ve felt a bit like a Luddite the last month or so, as I’ve started to explore Flickr and realized how much it offers. The last couple of years I’ve tended to ignore social sharing sites like MySpace, Yahoo! 360, and other similar services because they haven’t seemed to be a vehicle for serious on-line social interactions. Any bozo with a computer can get on-line and post endless comment streams consisting of one-line poorly spelled blurbs in response to a blurry cell-phone camera whore self portrait of a teenage girl. But Flickr has caught my attention because of the serious photography aspect of it, and the convergence with my newfound interest in cultivating photography as a serious hobby.

But this quote from a Macworld interview with Flickr co-founder Stewart Butterfield seems just a bit creepy to me:

It’s easy to imagine a future where you can say: “Show me photos taken within the last 15 minutes within a kilometer of me.” That gets very interesting, obviously.

Flickr co-founder talks about growth plans

There are already precious few places you can go in public without being caught on video surveillance cameras of one sort or another, but the idea of having that type of clandestine ad-hoc surveillance showing up on-line just flat out bothers me. If this vision comes to fruition, how long will it take before people can search for all geotagged photos taken within the last 30 minutes tagged with “Angelina Jolie”?


~ by Dave on 03/12/07.

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