I have a new toy

seek and find

A Minolta DiMage 7 to be exact. I got it off eBay, specifically to play around with digital IR photography. Sunday was supposed to be overcast, with snow flurries. Instead it was bright, sunny, with just a few scattered clouds. Perfect (or as perfect as it can be when it’s still in the mid-20’s with a stiff breeze) weather to go out and start taking sample pictures. So I dragged the rugrat out of bed and we went downtown to the canal and the Indiana State Museum and spent a couple of hours roaming around, taking pictures of anything that looked interesting.

canal shot

From first impressions, I’m pretty impressed. It’s nice to be able to take hand-held digital IR. It adds a whole level of spontaneity to the process. I’m still experimenting with processing the images in Lightroom. There seems to be quite a bit of noise in the images when viewing them at the highest resolution. I’d like to be able to eliminate it and am still experimenting. I also haven’t run into too much trouble with the dreaded “hot-spot” that is common with a lot of digital IR, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed on that. This is a work in progress.

future photographer


~ by Dave on 03/06/07.

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