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Lucas Oil Stadium

I just recently splurged and bought Adobe Lightroom. It’s been a long time since I’ve been so impressed with a piece of software (other than software I come across in my day job, which is cool in its own right, but which few people outside of hard-core sciences have ever heard of). I never quite got comfortable with iPhoto, although it does an adequate job of keeping my photos organized, it came up short with tweaking them. And so any photos that I edited, ended up getting scattered haphazard throughout my whole hard disk.

I tried out the evaluation copy of both Lightroom, and Aperture from Apple. Aperture wouldn’t run on my Powerbook with the 500 Mb of RAM that I had at the time. Even though I’ve maxed out the Powerbook with 2 Gb, the fact that Aperture wouldn’t run with less, and reviews that I’ve read on-line about the performance of Aperture, made the decision relatively easy.

All of a sudden it’s easy and intuitive to go through a lot of digital photos and tweak and organize and fiddle and sort them. I’m going to enjoy this.


~ by Dave on 03/03/07.

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