big brother in the school

My perspective on a lot of issues like this have changed over the last 5 years, since becoming a step-parent of a kid who is now a full-fledged teenager. But in most cases my perspective is simply more nuanced than it was in the past. This just seems like a really bad idea. Why is it the school’s role to police activity of children when they’re not in school? It isn’t. It’s the parent’s god-damned responsibility. This just seems like another example of parents fobbing off more of their responsibility for raising children to someone else, in this case the school system.

Personally, I don’t have any confidence in this type of screening test being used responsibly by every school that feels they need to police the behavior of their students.

Teenage drinkers face alcohol test – health – 14 February 2007 – New Scientist


~ by Dave on 02/17/07.

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