experiments in IR

relic on the edge of downtown

I’ve started experimenting with digital infrared photography. I’ve always appreciated the art that goes into good quality photographs. As with most professions, the really good photographers make it look simple. The superficial simplicity hides the skill that goes into making the photos look as good as they do.

I’ve also always loved the black and white photography of Ansel Adams. Old black and white films have a look and feel that is simply different from color (don’t get me started on colorization of old movies). I just recently came across some examples of IR photography on the web, and immediately fell in love with the concept, and the results that you can obtain when you filter out 99% of visible light.

relic on the edge of downtown

And so I find myself here, screwing a Hoya R72 filter to the front of our Canon Digital Rebel and schlepping around town with a tripod to take 3 second exposures in bright sunlight. After some false starts, and a whole lot of reading on the web about digital IR techniques, and techniques with GIMP, these are the first results that I’ve felt are good enough to make public.

This is also the first experiments I’ve made with FAlbum, an amazing little Plugin that I just came across for WordPress. I still need to play with the styles for the albums but from what I’ve seen so far, I’m a very happy camper.

Cemetery with water pump

Cemetery with water pump


~ by Dave on 02/10/07.

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