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Exotic Feline Rescue Center cats

I missed this story in the paper last week, giving an update on the cougar that escaped from the Exotic Feline Rescue Center.

The weekend snowfall revealed fresh tracks Monday that prove Donner, the 75-pound cougar who escaped Jan. 5 from the Exotic Feline Rescue Center outside Terre Haute, is still near the refuge.
Indianapolis Star

I’m glad to see that she’s still in the area around the Center. It means she hasn’t been shot by some bozo with a gun and a pocket full of irrational fear. It also means that she hasn’t given anyone a reason or an opportunity to shoot her.

Although I’ve been out to the Exotic Feline Rescue Center several times, I’ve never gotten a good look at the cougars they keep. Unlike the lions (pictured above) and tigers they take care of, the cougars have always kept out of sight while I’ve been there. Luckily the winter has been very mild this year, which means that she probably isn’t having too much trouble finding food (even without the meat that the Center is putting out for her). That makes it less likely that she’ll venture close to any farmhouse, or attack any cattle or other animals that would give a farmer a reason to go after her.

Although a small part of me is rooting for her freedom, the sad fact is that the best place for her to be is likely the Center. I hope they manage to catch her unharmed.


~ by Dave on 01/27/07.

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