Blog Challenge: Top Ten List of Blog Goals (the short version)

Lorelle on WordPress asks “Blog a top ten list of goals for your blog this year”. Blog Challenge: Top Ten List of Blog Goals – Lorelle on WordPress

What are my top ten list of goals for my blog in 2007? This blog is less than a month old, so my top 10 goals for this year are quite modest. No visions of paying for extra bandwidth from my host to accomodate the traffic to my site. Just a modest little blog that keeps me out of trouble and off the streets and allows me to indulge my inner geek. So without further ado, my top 10 goals for my blog in 2007.

  1. Still be blogging by the end of December, writing something on a regular basis, without burning out and letting it fall by the wayside.
  2. Find my “writing voice” along the way.
  3. Have at least a small group of regular readers who wonder “why hasn’t he posted in the last week?”
  4. Learn enough about the back-end of WordPress and PHP to have at least one plug-in authored by myself up and running on my site.
  5. Make my step-daughter laugh (or at least think I’m weird) at least once a week with something that I post.
  6. Hone my writing skills in a non-technical area (I do a lot of technical, information-dense, jargon-laden writing in my profession, but very little reflective, personal writing). I dunno why, but I’m feeling an urge to explore that creative turf.
  7. Update my blog at least once from a wireless connection in an airport, or by e-mailing one in from my cell phone. It’s soooo 21st century.
  8. Design a clean, minimal theme for my site from scratch, that includes all the features I want and none that I don’t.
  9. Leave the design on my site completely alone for at least a month while still posting on a regular basis (just ignoring my blog for a month would be cheating).
  10. Keep having fun with my blog.

~ by Dave on 01/25/07.

2 Responses to “Blog Challenge: Top Ten List of Blog Goals (the short version)”

  1. I think making your stepdaughter laugh at something you write once a week is the best of the goals. 😉 I like grounded blogging goals.

    Great list. Report back to me at the end of the year and let me know how you did!

  2. Thanks. I’m trying to keep the goals modest and fun for me.
    I’ve designed and managed enough websites for small groups on a volunteer basis over the last few years that I know how easy it is to get burned out. Since this site is strictly for me, I’m keeping my goals simple. 🙂

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