living life on the edge

I had to take the plunge and update to WordPress 2.1 RC1. The upgrade went smoothly, with one hitch. It took me a while to figure out that the tag wp_listcats seems to have been deprecated, and replaced by wp_listcategories. Before finding the wp_list_categories function it messed up the display of categories in my site header. Since I haven’t been involved in the beta testing program, and I insisted on installing RC1, before the official release of WP 2.1, I can’t really complain about not getting the memo to the effect that wp_listcats had been deprecated.

Other than that one hitch, the upgrade seemed to go smoothly, and at least based on limited testing, the screen reponse of writing a post seems to be much smoother than the previous version. I’ve just started to explore WP 2.1, but so far so good.


~ by Dave on 01/18/07.

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