I found these characters a few years ago in a copy of Shambalah Sun (March 2000):

These two Chinese characters read buji in Japanese or wu-shih in Chinese. A tentative modern rendering is, free from anxiety or fear. Literally they mean no business, no work, no event, or, all is well.

Zen master Rinzai has this to say: “The true aristocrat is the one who is buji (free from anxiety).” Aristocracy here refers to spiritual aristocracy, and not to any social distinction.

The description of this symbol had a profound impact on me when I read it. At the time I was in what I call a “navel-gazing” stage of my life. A point where I spent a lot of introspective time thinking about the typical spiritual questions that everyone, at some point in their lives, spends time thinking about.

Or as the Australians might say: “no worries mate“.


~ by Dave on 01/16/07.

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