Exotic Feline Rescue Center

Lions at the Exotic Feline Rescue Center

Jan 8, 2007 CENTER POINT, Ind. – There is a mountain lion on the loose in Center Point. “Donner” escaped from the Exotic Feline Rescue Center Friday afternoon.
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I really hope this incident doesn’t affect their ability to keep their license and keep doing the work that they do. Although I doubt there’s really much risk to people, it’s clearly a bad situation from a potential public safety standpoint, and definitely from a public relations standpoint.

I’ve been out to the Center a few times with my family, and they do good work. I plan on continuing to support them however I can. Many of their cats are rescued from abusive situations, each one has its own story and history to it. Many of their stories reflect very badly on how we, as a society treat animals. The Center doesn’t buy, sell or breed cats. They also don’t put them down once they start getting a bit too old to be photogenic for the paying customers. I’ll never feel comfortable watching big cats in a circus or other commercial performance, since visiting the Center.


~ by Dave on 01/12/07.

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