layout and web design

For anyone who happens to come across this site in the next few days using Internet Explorer on Windows, my apologies for the layout. I do my work on a Mac, testing the layout with Safari and Firefox. The theme for this site is based on Vistered Little and I haven’t dug through the css files to modify the Internet Explorer-specific css to mirror how the site looks like with modern browsers. It might take a bit but I’ll get to it.

It seems that the switch in the layout panel for Vistered Little that lets you switch the sidebar to the left (where I wanted it) mucks up the layout in Internet Explorer (Win). Oh well. Unfortunately the layout is still pretty broken in Internet Explorer (Mac), but then again a lot of the bits and pieces of the theme are broken in that browser anyway. Unfortunately, I just don’t have the time or inclination to try and fix it, since I doubt many people use Explorer on the Mac any more.


~ by Dave on 01/11/07.

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